The Misconceptions of Anime | Newbie Guide

Introducing someone to the overwhelming world of anime can sometimes be a bit of a challenge as there are tons of false accusations that are likely to be brought to the surface. As a result, these misconceptions can draw people away from checking out a new form of entertainment.

Here are some common misconceptions that I have become aware of.

‘Anime is for children’

I would be rich if I earned a pound for every time some one has said this to me and yes, I agree that there are some shows that are more suited to a younger audiene, but anime is a medium that can be enjoyed by adults too as well as children.

Shows such as 91 Days appeal to an older audience as the topics of the show are quite dark and can be hard to get into for a child in some retrospect.


‘Anime is porn’

I find it funny how on one spectrums, people accuse anime as childish and then go to the opposite end and state that anime is all porn.

Like I mentioned before, anime is produced for everyone to enjoy and there is anime porn, known as hentai, available however not all anime is porn based and you’re likely to find that the. Majority of shows produced are family friendly with no nudity involved.


‘All anime is in Japanese and I can’t be bothered to read subtitles’

Yes, most anime these days are in Japanese however loads of shows have been dubbed to be able to suit your language preferences. Some people will agree that dubbed anime may not be as good, but it is great to watch if you are doing multiple things at once.

Nearly all of the very popular shows, like Naruto and Angel Beats!, have all been dubbed and can be watched online on legal steaming sites such as Crunchyroll.


Tell me in the comments down below any other anime misconceptions you have heard.


Thank you for reading.



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