What Anime Should I Start With? | Newbie Guide

Previously, I gave you all some advice on how to get started when watching anime and what to look out for etc.

I got a lot of emails asking what kind of shows do you recommend to someone starting out and I thought it would be a grand idea to make this into a post for everyone to see.

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Paramore Release New Song ‘Hard Times’

After a 4 year break, Paramore is back on the road with a new album and a new era.

Starting this all off is a release of the first ever single from their new album ‘After Laughter’ which is titled as ‘Hard Times’

Here is the long awaited single

Link to Original Video.

Tell me what you think of the song in the comments down below

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Beauty And The Beast Live Action | Movie Review

Beauty and The Beast is a Disney princess classic that has pleased crowds since 1991 when the film graced our screens in animated form.

Recently though, a live-action version of the fairytale has been released and I got the luxury of going to see this film a couple of weeks ago.

Here is my review.


Link to Original Image.

The story is the same in the live action as it is in the animated version and every single detail is replicated into what makes a fantastic live action. In addition, the screen captivates the viewer the moment the main protagonist (Belle) waltzes onto the screen singing her opening number.


Link to Original Image.

The visuals in this film are absolutely stunning. The bright colours amaze the viewer and the main theme of winter is shown greatly as it represents the beast’s cold heart at the beginning of the film. Not only that but, I love the way they have made the beast look so very realistic as usually, that is a difficult aspect of pursuing in the film industry.


Link to Original Image.

Each of the characters was very well written and were also played well. I completely adored Emma Watson as Belle as she fitted the character well and gave off the vibe of an intelligent, down to earth woman, which is the main persona of Belle. Not only that but, the character of Gaston was also very well played as he is a character that is very realistic in a patriarchal society and his narcissistic personality added humour to the film which made viewers enjoy him even though he was on the bad side.


I would give this film…

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This time last year, this blog was next to nothing.

This may seem like a small number to some, but to me, this is a massive milestone and I am very grateful to each individual who decided to take time out of their day to read my posts. Yes, they may not be to everyone’s interest, but I would like to take the time to thank you all for being here.

As a result, here is a shout out to all of my followers!

Thank you all so much!

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Band Recommendation | Creeper

Creeper is an alternative rock group from Southampton in the UK that hit the roof while only being together since 2014. I find it really inspiring to see a band that has been together for a very compressed amount of time to be on magazine covers 2 years later down the line.

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