The Anime Alphabet Challenge | Introduction

As most of you guys may know, I am a fan of anime and a good proportion of my blog is filled with reviews of anime and other discussion related topics that relate to the medium. Therefore, I have decided to create The Anime Alphabet Challenge.

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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress | Review

Produced by the same people who made Attack on Titan and Owari no Seraph, Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress has been a massive hit with viewers from around the world and is one of the most watched shows out of the spring season.  Continue reading “Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress | Review”

My Top 5 Free To Play MMORPGS

MMORPGS have become a big thing in my life recently. I just don’t know how to get off of them. I love all the diverse classes and races that you are able to be and to be honest, killing very imaginative animals is really fun.

Here are my top 5 free to play MMORPGS.

(just to let you know, this is all based on my personal opinion)

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