What Anime Should I Start With? | Newbie Guide

Previously, I gave you all some advice on how to get started when watching anime and what to look out for etc.

I got a lot of emails asking what kind of shows do you recommend to someone starting out and I thought it would be a grand idea to make this into a post for everyone to see.

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How I Got Into Anime

Every single person on this planet that likes Anime always gets asked one of a few questions by either non-anime viewers or even veterans that have been interested in the medium for a very long time.

That question is ‘How did you get into Anime?’

Now, each individual story told by each person is different from the rest so I would love to hear how you got into anime down in the comments below, but first, let’s here how I got into the wonderful world of kawaii girls and tentacles.

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When Marnie Was There | Anime Movie Review

Being released in 2015, ‘When Marnie Was There’ was yet another huge film to come out under the Studio Ghibli name tag. Therefore, I decided to give the film a go as I wanted to see what else Studio Ghibli could put on our screens for us all to enjoy.

Here is my review.

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Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club | Anime Review

Following on from the likes of Yuri!!! On Ice and Ouran Highschool Host Club, I decided to watch Free!-Iwatobi Swim Club (better known as Free!). I got loads of recommendations considering how I really enjoyed the previous two that I have just mentioned.

As a result of this, I thought I would do a review explaining my thoughts on this popular anime.

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My Favourite… Anime Openings

Anime openings are great for getting a good overview over who the characters are and maybe an odd little hint as to what the show is about. Also, some openings are what make the show so memorable and easy to relate to with other peers around you.

Here are a few of my favourite openings.

Just to let you know, these aren’t in any order so feel free to chill out and relax while I play you some of my favourite songs.

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