Poptropica | A Game I Used To Play

I remember playing Poptropica when I was around the age of 9 or 10 and it was one of the first games to get me hooked on children themed MMOs (if you count this as one)

This was a game created by famous book authors and allowed you to create a character and travel to different themed islands and complete missions in order to earn coins to spend in the exclusive items store.

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Diner Dash | A Game I Used To Play

The time management game series Diner Dash came out back in 2004 and I remember playing this game so much. I remember for my birthday, my mum downloaded it onto her computer and I played it on there. It was one of those competitive strategy games that felt ever so satisfying when you completed each level or each area.

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Build A Bearville | A Game I Used To Play

Welcome back to the second edition of the series, ‘A Game I Used To Play’!

In these posts, I will talk about a game that I used to play back when I was younger and just bring some nostalgia to the surface.

This time I am going to be discussing a very popular game that has now sadly closed its doors to the public and it was a game that I truly enjoyed playing the heck out of.

This is non-other than Build a Bearville.

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5 Online Games I Used to Play as a Kid

I feel like going back in time and showing you guys the nostalgia of my online childhood games. I sometimes revisit these games just to have that memory be brought back to life for a little while.

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