30 Seconds To Mars Release New Song – Walk On Water

After 4 years of being silent, 30 Seconds To Mars have come back with a new song.

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Fall Out Boy Release New Song ‘ Young and Menace’

After a year or two of the release of American Beauty/American Psycho, pop punk band Fall Out Boy are back with yet another plethora of songs. This time, instead of going down the traditional pop punk route, they have decided to mix things up a bit by adding an electro vibe to their newest song ‘Young and Menace’

Similar to the band Paramore , Fall Out Boy have grown apart from their original roots and are exploring different genres yet the main focus on alternative sounding music is still present.

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Band Recommendation | Creeper

Creeper is an alternative rock group from Southampton in the UK that hit the roof while only being together since 2014. I find it really inspiring to see a band that has been together for a very compressed amount of time to be on magazine covers 2 years later down the line.

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In Our Bones -Against The Current | Album Review


Against The Current released their debut album – In Our Bones- a couple of weeks ago. They are relatively new to the rock scene, however from listening to tracks from this album, I am able to say that they are more pop than punk in my opinion.

Anyway let’s get on with it!

Here are my first impressions.

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