Band Recommendation | Creeper

Creeper is an alternative rock group from Southampton in the UK that hit the roof while only being together since 2014. I find it really inspiring to see a band that has been together for a very compressed amount of time to be on magazine covers 2 years later down the line.

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Get Revising | Website Recommendation

Are you at that stage where you have exams coming up and you are supposed to be revising?

Get Revising is a great website to help you get into the routine of revision.

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Tomodachi Life | Game Recommendation

Tomodachi Life is a 3DS game that is a mixture between The Sims franchise and the Animal Crossing franchise.If you like the idea of making Miis and taking care of them on your very own island, then this game could be for you!

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Letlive | Band Recommendation

Letlive are a band from California that formed in 2002. For some reason, they are still a very underrated band and I believe that they deserve more recognition for their work.

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Style Boutique 2 : Fashion Forward | Game Recommendation

Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward is the third game in the Style Boutique series. Although, I do like the previous two, I prefer this game as there is a lot more things to do that are related to the fashion industry.

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story | Book Recommendation

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a young adult fiction book about a young teenager who is battling with anxiety, depression and bulimia. Written by Ned Vizzini, this book pursues a very cheerful atmosphere inside a dark setting.

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Board Game Arena | Game Recommendation

Have you ever wanted to play a game but all your friends are busy and/or don’t like the games you like?

Board Game Arena is a website full of well-known and obscure board games that you can play with people from all over the world.

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Drawception | Game Recommendation

I love drawing and I also love playing games. Similar to the traditional game of chinese whispers, Drawception is a great game for people who enjoy drawing, whether they are good or bad and also for those who like something short and sweet to get their minds stuck into. Therefore, I recommend you try out this game.

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Osu! | Game Recommendation

Being released in 2007, Osu! has stormed the gaming charts in Japan and is one of the most popular music based games of the recent decade.

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Touch | Game Recommendation

If you enjoy being apart of the Kpop community and love playing games like Osu! and DDR then I suggest you check this game out.

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