Dunkirk | Movie Review

Dunkirk was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer and I had the pleasure of going to see this film which showed viewers the events that occurred in Dunkirk during the Second World War. As a result of this, I thought I would tell you guys my thoughts on the film.

Let’s get started.

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Princess Mononoke | Movie Review

Princess Mononoke is the 8th movie to come out of the Studio Ghibli franchise and I thought I would share my thoughts with you on this particular film as it is one of the highlighted that many anime fans go crazy about as it is placed on such a high pedestal along with other Studio Ghibli classes like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Here is my review.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 | Movie Review

2014 showed the release of a new film produced by the Marvel franchise and sold out cinemas across the globe. This was titled Guardians of The Galaxy. As a result of this highly popular film, a sequel was produced and released back in the middle of April. I was lucky enough to go and see the film in all its glory and I decided to write a review.

Here it is

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Ghost in the Shell | Official Trailer

Note: I apologize if my posts aren’t on time or aren’t to my best ability as I am currently faced with heaps of revision for my exams. Thank you for your appreciation.

Announced earlier this year, Ghost in the Shell was announced as the next live action anime to be produced by Hollywood. There was a massive uproar with actress Scarlet Johansson as people accused Hollywood of white washing the main character even though the birth place of the character is unknown.

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The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire Movie

For numerous years of working together,  youtubers Dan and Phil have released a film based on their recent tour ‘The Amazing Tour is Not On Fire’ or ‘TATINOF’.  I think that it is amazing how two people who started out with very small channels have grown into this massive community with fans from almost everywhere in the whole world.

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