New Summer Schedule

It is finally the summer and I have a lot more time to be with you guys and I think this would be a good time to announce my summer schedule.

Instead of the usual 2 posts per week, I will be giving you guys an extra post per week until September.

Posts will now come out on Sundays, Thursdays and now Tuesdays!

Hope you guys have a great summer!




Fall Out Boy Release New Song ‘ Young and Menace’

After a year or two of the release of American Beauty/American Psycho, pop punk band Fall Out Boy are back with yet another plethora of songs. This time, instead of going down the traditional pop punk route, they have decided to mix things up a bit by adding an electro vibe to their newest song ‘Young and Menace’

Similar to the band Paramore , Fall Out Boy have grown apart from their original roots and are exploring different genres yet the main focus on alternative sounding music is still present.

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As It Is Release ‘Pretty Little Distance’

Following the release of As It Is’s recent song ‘Okay’, the band have now released a video for another song which is going to be put onto the album.

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As It Is Release New Song for New Album ‘Okay’

It was only a year ago that ‘Never Happy Ever After’ was brought into the pop punk community as a fresh start of a new band that was appearing from the horizon.

Now As It Is are back with a brand new song and a brand new album.

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Ao No Exorcist – New Season Announced

Released in 2012, Ao No Exorcist was a massive hit shonen anime with so many people (including myself) getting hooked into the well thought out storyline. So far, it has been one of my favourite shonen to have ever been released.

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Scars – I Prevail’s New Song

After going viral with an amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, I Prevail have released a new song which is going to be put on their first ever album.

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