Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Found Dead

As like many fans of this band, this news came as a real shock to me and at first I felt as if I couldn’t accept what had happened.

The lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington was found last night in his home dead. The cause of the death seems to be from suicide.

One of the most influential bands that helped others get through their emotions and their problems. With songs that anybody can relate to, it hurts so much to think that a person like Chester was still in that terrible emotional state to the point where he felt as if he wasn’t wanted or needed by anyone and as a result took his own life.

The fact that he even wrote songs dedicated to those having mental illnesses and suicidal thoughts and yet he was still suffering.

If you have been effected by this, please do reach out to a suicide prevention hotline and discuss your issues with those you can trust if you are able to.

An incredible man that shaped and helped everyone through dark times.

Thank you for being with us.


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