Izetta: The Last Witch | Anime Review

Izetta: The Last Witch is an anime which was released in the fall/autumn season of 2016. It caught my eye as it was placed as one of the most watched shows on Anime Planet for a fair few weeks. As a result, I decided to check out this anime as it looked different and original.

Here is my review.

Story Line

The time is pre World War II that looks like Europe in an imaginary world. A large scale war abrupts and bloody battles are taking place through out the world. Eylstadt is a small country without a strong military force or natural resources. Finé who is the crown queen of Eylstadt decides to use a secret weapon against larger countries which was unheard of at that time to battle against larger countries. The secret weapon was using a witch named Izetta and her magical force to fight the war. Izetta is young (same age as Finé) and the last surviving witch with burning red hair.

 The first two episodes of this show were amazing, they really set off the story with some scary cliffhangers and some intriguing, action packed running and fighting scenes. It starts off with Princess Fine of Eylstadt running from Nazi German soldiers in world war 2. I really enjoyed the fast paced thriller that this anime gave and this made me promise for some more scenes similar to this one. However, during the middle chunk of the series, the story slowed down a lot and became very cliche, anime girl with amazing weapons and magic is used to help fight enemies. Not only that but, I also found some of the fights to be very predictable and it was easy to decide who was going to be the real victor here. I feel as if the end of the show really picked up the story and gave it a very ambiguous ending which got the viewers to question whether the protagonist was alive or not.



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The animation in anime was truly something special. I enjoyed watching the pristine scenes that flowed as smooth as water. The animation was very similar to the likes of Sword Art Online and kept reminding me of that show. There were no sloppy looking characters in the background and some of the scene settings looked original too except for the theatre scene in episode 2, however, this was also drawn incredibly well.



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The characters in this show were very interesting, I mean you have a tomboyish princess and a witch. What’s more to love? There is a hint that these two characters may have an intimate relationship which is different to see but allows viewers to become excited whenever these two girls are with each other. Yuri all the way! One other character that stood out very well was Sieghard Muller. I really enjoyed what this character had to offer as his personality was very blunt, yet he was very smart as well. During the scene where Jonas was being intimidated by a spy belonging to the opposition, I felt as if Sieghard made the correct decision on Jonas’ fate.


I would give this anime…

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