Girls Go Games | A Game I Used To Play

Girls Go Games is an online website full of flash games that are aimed towards children.

This was one of my go to sites when I was growing up and I got addicted to all the different flash games and whatever this site had to offer.

I remember playing a lot of the simulation type games such as Kindergarten and Diner Dash. I was never really into the stereotypical dress up and makeup games which this site also offered in great detail.

A couple of years later, the game introduced an account system, which I signed up to where you could create a profile and add your favourite games from the site onto there and collect awards and achievements and also add friends and talk to others who enjoyed the same games as you did. This became really fun as the website started to add a lot of multiplayer games and you were able to play with the friends you made, on there which was fun.

New games were brought to the site every day and there was a huge number of different flash games to play that suited every young girl’s interests.

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