Rick and Morty | Series Review

I think many people are now aware of the rising hit animation series known as ‘Rick and Morty’. After a couple of friends begging me to watch this, I decided to give it a shot and as a result, I would like to discuss my thoughts on this series in the form of a review.

Let’s get started.

 Story Line

Mad scientist Rick Sanchez moves in with his daughter’s family after disappearing for 20 years in the premiere of this animated comedy following the scientist’s wacky adventures. Rick proves to be a bad influence on his grandson, Morty.

Like most American, each episode has its own short story incorporated that fits around the adventure and comedic genres. At first, I thought the episodes were going to be a bit slow-paced, but they got really interesting after the 2nd or 3rd episode of the 1st season. I ended up getting into the full swing of this series and I even make references to running gags from certain episodes such as the cob planet and Mr Meeseeks. If you are into shows with fairly dark humour, then I’d give this one a watch as it takes serious situations and makes them light-hearted and funny.



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I really like the simplistic, child-friendly art style that this show has to offer, however, this can be misleading to certain viewers, especially if they are a lot younger than the intended audience. Other than that, I like the use of bright, block colours and the creativeness of all the aliens and all of the different planets is phenomenal.



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The characters in this show are very funny and viewers are able to share the same opinions as the main characters, which allows them to relate more and get more invested in the show. An example of this is Rick’s constant bashing of Jerry, Morty’s father, Rick is always poking fun at Jerry and the viewers have also picked up on this and not only have they felt the same way, they have most likely joined in with the playful bashing outside of the show as well.


I would give this show…

Image result for 4/5 stars

Thank you for reading.



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