How Do You Watch Anime? | Newbie Guide

There are numerous different ways to watch anime and people have asked me this very question on multiple occasions as most of the shows I watch don’t appear on normal television channels, which is sad in my opinion.

I am going to be talking through the different ways I watch anime and other ways to get into the medium



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By format, I am going to be talking about where you can watch anime and how I get ahold of the good stuff.

Personally, I prefer to watch anime on legal streaming sites such as Crunchyroll. This is a website that allows you to view anime for free and the companies are able to get a fair share of the income as even though you can watch Crunchyroll without a membership, ad revenue allows popular studios such as Madhouse to keep making more and more spectacular content. Not only that but, with streaming sites, you can get the show you want to watch here and now and you don’t have to save up in order to buy the box set or for your Netflix subscription.

Like I mentioned earlier, other ways you can watch anime is through purchasing Box sets. Some shops do sell these and they are great to take with you to say a friends house and you can guarantee that you will watch a good show as most stores sell the popular stuff. However, if you’re getting past that beginner stage and are ready to explore deeper into the world of anime, box sets may not be the best thing as like I said, most stores only sell the really popular shows such as Bleach and One Piece.



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For so many years there has been a great conflict between those who watch anime dubbed (in your native language and without subtitles) and those who watch it subbed ( in Japanese and with subtitles. In my opinion, I find most dubbed anime to lower the quality of the show I want to watch and therefore has put me off dubbed anime which is why I tend to stick to watching anime subbed. Not only that but, like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s usually most of the popular shows that are dubbed which can limit your choices if you prefer to stick to dubbed only.

However, I sometimes watch dubbed anime if I am feeling ill, tired or lazy and if the plot isn’t too psychological or dramatic as reading the screen all the time gives me headaches.

Anime Consumption


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And the last thing I would like to talk about today is the amount of anime you choose to consume on a weekly or even a daily basis.

Do you prefer to binge watch a show you suddenly lay your eyes on or prefer to consume your anime in small chunks?

I think my way of consuming anime is a bit odd as I’ll get into a show but I will put it off for about a week or two and then I will binge watch it. I don’t even have an excuse for this as for most of the time I am free but I just choose not to watch it sometimes.

But when it comes to new seasons, I prefer to wait it out until the end and then suddenly binge watch it. I prefer to do this with shorter, shows that have a maximum of 12 or fewer episodes as I feel as if I can understand the story more and I don’t need to constantly have time to stop and think.

Please tell me in the comments about your anime watching habits as I would like to know.


Thank you for reading.


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I hope you have a wonderful day.



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