Diner Dash | A Game I Used To Play

The time management game series Diner Dash came out back in 2004 and I remember playing this game so much. I remember for my birthday, my mum downloaded it onto her computer and I played it on there. It was one of those competitive strategy games that felt ever so satisfying when you completed each level or each area.

In my opinion, my favourite game out of the franchise has to be the second instalment of Diner Dash 2 as I just absolutely loved all the different restaurants and it is also the game I remember playing most from the franchise.


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For each level, you had to get enough money to reach your target goal. This was done by serving customers in a restaurant and trying to get as much done in the time limit that was given. As the levels progressed, more characters were introduced which had their own specific needs, such as business women being very impatient and families with their need for high chairs.

I’ve always been a fan of these types of restaurant management games, but Diner Dash will remain some place in my heart.

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