Why Do People Hate On ‘Mainstream’ Anime?

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I was on a forum recently and I came across a post discussing the question of why so many people hate on what is considered to be mainstream anime and I thought it would be interesting to bring the discussion over here and get your opinions!


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Shows such as Bleach and Naruto are gigantic targets for hate mainly because they are a tall beacon which can be noticed by anyone. Some people will say that due to the fact that such a larger audience is viewing these shows, these shows are more likely to receive hate by each end of the spectrum, which consists of extreme anime lovers (also known as elitists) and those who hate the medium with a passion.



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Some elitists look down on these shows as they believe the best shows are the ones hardly anyone has watched and they also consider their opinions to be correct all the time whereas those who dislike anime are likely to view these shows as the whole spectrum of anime instead of giving the whole community a chance and as a result, hate on these shows purely because they are seen as nerdy and only suitable for a specific type of age group, usually kids or adults depending on the show.


Another reason people hate on mainstream anime is that some shows which are popular are incredibly long and some of the shows lose their appeal after a certain number of episodes as they are filled with repetitive storylines and everyone is craving for something new. I admit, I dropped Fairytail as I felt this opinion towards the show and as a result, I am still a bit hesitant of watching any more of the ‘mainstream’ stuff.

Not only that but, people also believe that the fans can also be another reason for why mainstream anime is hated upon as certain fandoms have cringe like members that speak a lot louder than the ‘sane’ members. People avoid mainstream shows as they don’t want to be grouped in with a bunch of people who write weird, sexual fanfictions every time they see their two favourite characters together. I try to avoid judging an anime by its fandom.


If you would like to add to this discussion, feel free to comment your opinions in the comments section down below!

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