Build A Bearville | A Game I Used To Play

Welcome back to the second edition of the series, ‘A Game I Used To Play’!

In these posts, I will talk about a game that I used to play back when I was younger and just bring some nostalgia to the surface.

This time I am going to be discussing a very popular game that has now sadly closed its doors to the public and it was a game that I truly enjoyed playing the heck out of.

This is non-other than Build a Bearville.

If you are unaware, Build a Bearville was an online game created by Build a Bear where users could bring their furry friends to life in this cute simulation that was full of happiness. I, having owned two bears thoroughly enjoyed playing this game every day after school as there was so much to do, so you were unable to be bored!

Link to Original Image.

The one thing I remember most about this game is the events they used to have on special holidays and also in the summer. The one event I truly remember was the 2010 edition of Camp Happy Heart. This was an event brought in with the theme of summer camp and allowed users to join one of the four teams (which were hosted by four new ice cream themed bears). Each day, you had a set of tasks to complete in order to earn points for your team. These tasks included playing a certain game and even doing everyday tasks such as working in the cafe or styling your hair a different way.

I was on the Team ‘Orange Sherbet’.

Link to Original Image.

Another thing I remember about the game is The Chloe Show. The Chloe Show was a talk show hosted by Chloe Rocks and featured a number of kids stars such as Victoria Justice and David Archuleta. Every week/or 2 weeks a new guest would appear and you would be able to get an exclusive item, usually a dance move, just for watching the show.

Link to Original Image.


As you can see, I remember having the time of my life on Build a Bearville and I was gutted to see it had closed back in 2015 as it was one of my favourite games I had when growing up.


Did you play Bearville? If so comment your thoughts on this game down below!

Thank you for reading.


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I hope you have a wonderful day.



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