How Can I Get Into Anime? | Newbie Guide

Quite a while ago now, I produced a post talking about how I got into anime and as a result, I have come up with some ways to get those who aren’t so familiar with the medium to try to give it a shot.

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Exploring a new medium can be quite daunting especially if your brain is used to other mediums so much that you prefer to watch actors performing rather than animation. Not only that but, getting to grips with the way anime handles certain situations and how it is portrayed can be seen obscure to those who aren’t familiar with phrases such as ‘senpai’ and ‘-chan’ or ‘-kun’.

However, I’d suggest looking into the Japanese culture a bit more to find out the reason behind these words that are used and if you still cannot grasp this then not all hope will be lost as there are still plenty of shows (which are usually catered to an older audience) that don’t take these words into account and can almost appear very similar to western shows.

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Another thing is trying to choose a show that suits you best, like any other platform of entertainment each person likes different genres and styles.

There are tonnes of genres for you to pick from such as light-hearted comedies, heavy romance and even psychological shows that will have you thinking what will happen next. Not only does anime cater to personal interests, there are also types of shows which are suited to young boys (shōnen), young girls (shoujo), young adult males (seinen) and young adult females (josei) yet these are only based off of stereotypes and in fact there is quite a large number of females who choose to watch shounen anime as it can pander to them as well as guys.

One common question people ask me is

‘Is all anime in Japanese?’

and my answer to that is no, most popular shows have been dubbed into English and other languages in order to be shown to a wider spectrum of people and if you aren’t a fan of reading, these dubbed shows are perfect if you are doing something as well as watching your favourite anime.

However, I do recommend you stick to professional dubbed shows, like those that have been produced by Funimation, as they are of a higher standard and most of the text is the same in Japanese.

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In the comments down below, tell me what your first anime was and what shows you would recommend to a person who has never heard of anime before.

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