Revelation Online | RPG Review

After a 1 week break, I am back with a brand new post. Nice to see you again!

For this post, I will be reviewing a game that I have discovered known as Revelation Online. It is a game that has been out in the western countries since 2016.

Let’s get started!


In Revelation Online there are currently six playable roles that each have their own unique abilities.

These classes include:


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As secondary tanks and close combat specialists, they combine their twin blade damage with escape skills allowing them to cut through wave after wave of enemies. Their heavy reliance on melee attacks leaves them open to ranged attacks.


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These steel walls rely on melee combat. Their chief strength is surviving battles of attrition, rather than dealing burst damage.


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While wielding a falchion they are focused on powerful magic damage, specialising in an area of effect spells. They invest all of their energy in sharpened elemental magic, leaving them relatively vulnerable to focused attacks.


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They deliver a wide variety of dark offensive spells, from damage, over-time, to area-of-effect attacks, to those that deal damage while syphoning enemy health. Occultists can directly heal allies as well.


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As summoners and healers, they are relatively easy to play and have great survival skills. They are highly sought after on teams for their support and deceitfully high damage output.


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With high precise damage, they hunt down individual targets from afar or use advanced weaponry for mid-range deterrence. Gunslingers have few control skills and are less effective in close combat.

In addition to this, there is also a huge amount of character customizations that have been incorporated into the game. Every character you see will be unique in one-way shape or form.



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Similar to Swordsman, there are different variations of gameplay which allow you to experience different ways of controlling your character to allow you to find a style that suits you the most instead of just having boring tab targeting gameplay which gets boring after a long while.

One of the fun things I like about this game is even though it isn’t open world, there are barely any invisible walls and so far everything is possible to jump on which makes it quite fun for climbing up massive cliff faces and gliding in mid-air to somewhere unknown.

Not only that but, the story in this game is incredible! It draws you in and makes you feel immersed as to what is happening which allows you to feel like you are fighting these enemies for a purpose and not just because some lazy guy can’t be bothered to do it himself.


Overall… I would give this game

Thank you for reading.


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