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Following on from the likes of Yuri!!! On Ice and Ouran Highschool Host Club, I decided to watch Free!-Iwatobi Swim Club (better known as Free!). I got loads of recommendations considering how I really enjoyed the previous two that I have just mentioned.

As a result of this, I thought I would do a review explaining my thoughts on this popular anime.

Story Line

When Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin were in elementary school, they swam together in a relay race and won the match. As Rin was on his way to Australia to train to become an Olympic champion, the gang decided to bury their trophy in a time capsule and retrieve it when they all had grown up. Now, Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa have reunited in high school and decide to dig up the prize. But on the way there, they run into none other than Rin, and he’s determined to show Haru who’s the best! As a result of this fateful meeting, the three friends decide to start a swim club, along with fellow classmate Rei, and their rival’s little sister Gou as the team manager. Can the gang hold their own against Rin and prove their skills at the Prefectural Tournament?

Unlike Yuri!!! On Ice, Free! focused a lot more on the friendship of the characters and didn’t include as much sport. This gave me mixed views as one minute I enjoyed the conflict between the team and Rin yet I also thought it needed other smaller plots within the running story as it was a bit bland at times. However, I did really enjoy watching the beach episode as the story had a good mix of comedy and fear, it really had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.


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The animation was quite generic yet the swimming animations were stunning and allowed me to feel immersed within the show. Although the animation was poor in some places, it didn’t affect the story.


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Free! gave birth to some very interesting characters, especially Haru. It’s not often you get a very quiet protagonist and it made for a great change from the generic super confident lead. In addition, his fascination with water also interested me and even brought some comedic value to the show. The other characters also had great personalities and the friendship between them all made me feel happy for them as they were always there for each other.


I would give this anime…

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