Elsword’s New Character – Ain | Review

You knew it was coming!

KOG games gave us players a massive Christmas present – Ain. Released on the 21st December, there was a massive invasion of Ain characters as everyone was dying to see what he was like. I was no exception to this massive gang of Ains rampaging through Elrios.

To save you guys the trouble of installing the game and waiting for the update to be completed (it was a big update!), I thought I would share my thoughts on this mysterious character.

Let’s get started!


So… this is Ain

Link to Original Image

As you can see, he shows a very calm,reserved appearance. Like I said in my previous blog, he looks very similar to another character called Add, but personality wise, he is the complete opposite. By wearing a pure white and teal outfit, he resembles a healer – even though he isn’t. In addition, the shade of teal that was used makes me think of doctors and nurses as that is the colour that they usually wear, this adds to his calm, collectiveness.

In his right hand, he loosely holds his weapon, a massive pendant. By breaking it, he is able to retrieve his full powers, however it takes a long time for it to be reformed so this is only used in an emergency.

Personality/Back Story

In the first couple of scenes he has a very soothing and pure aesthetic, however this slowly starts to change when you listen to his thoughts.

He is an Angel that has been sent down from the Goddess. His main mission is to retrieve the El Shard , which is what Elsword is after, in order to help restore his world (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong), therefore, he decides to work with Elsword and the gang, but not for the reason Elsword thinks.

As you develop through the game, his thoughts become harsher as he sees humans as selfish and ignorant. I am guessing that he doesn’t reveal to Elsword that he is an Angel until the very end

I like this idea of Ain as it makes you wonder if he actually deserves to be an Angel, or he will become nicer later in the story. Also, I have never really seen a character similar to him which makes it even more difficult to predict what is going to happen.



Although most of the jobs haven’t been released yet, Ain’s pendant allows him to form weapons out of ice, similar to Gray from Fairytail.

He is a very fast paced character, so if you are new to RPGs in general, he might not be the best character you could choose. in addition, I also love all of his combos as they are very original ways of using his powers wisely.

Link to Original Video.


Overall, I would give Ain..

Click here to find out more about Elsword.

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