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Epicduel is a browser-based MMORPG created by Artix ,the same creators as AdventureQuest and AdventureQuest Worlds. This game is a sci-fi where you take on missions and fight the enemy!


There are currently 6 classes in EpicDuel. Each class has its own unique skill set as well as a type of weapon usable only by that class. These classes are divided into ‘Starting Class’ and ‘Evolved Class’

Each of the ‘Starting classes’ are free but you have to pay Varium in order to play the evolved classes.

You can play as the following:

Starting Classes


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Mercenaries are a strong yet strategic class, most effective with melee weapons.

Skills like Hybrid Armor give them enhanced protection from all forms of damage while Maul and Bunker Buster allow them to break their opponents’ defenses with ease.

Mercenaries can also call in airstrikes and satellite lasers to finish their foes from afar.

Bounty Hunter

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Bounty Hunters have fast, focused attacks that, when used together, will make for a dizzying blur of deadly strikes, leaving an enemy dazed and unsure of what hit them.

They also use dangerous side effects and passive attacks, such as Stun Grenade and Poison, but their main strength lies in their speed and skill with arms.


Tech Mage

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Tech Mages have potent, unblockable energy attacks with powerful side effects, such as stuns from Overload and lifesteal from Supercharge.

They also take advantage of many abilities which allow them to increase their already powerful damage or regenerate energy to fuel their attacks.

Evolved Classes


Blood Mage

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Blood Mages are the more aggressive and violent version of the Tech Mage. After being hardened by battle, some of the mages developed a lust for blood, and found a balance between magic and melee. As a Blood Mage, you will be able to use the devastating Plasma Cannon, which includes a 25% chance for critical strike and ignores 20% of your opponent’s resistance. Blood Mages can equip Tech Mage armor and use swords or staffs.


Cyber Hunter

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Cyber Hunters are technologically advanced hunters. Some members of Baelius’s Shadow Guard started experimenting with the advanced technology available on the main continent, integrating some of that technology into their battle repertoire. As a Cyber Hunter, you will be able to use the Plasma Grenade, which explodes on contact, injuring your enemy with a 30% chance to stun! Cyber Hunters can equip Bounty Hunter armor and use swords or wristblades.

Tactical Mercenary

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Tactical Mercenaries are intellectual and crafty fighters who uses tricks to defeat the enemy. When Baelius took over the planet, some of the more clever citizens were forced to work in the mines, and were able to create tactical weaponry from the mining tools- such as the Toxic Grenade which has an unblockable Damage Over Time effect. Tactical Mercenaries can equip Mercenary armor and use swords or mauls.

In my opinion, I like the idea of the starting classes but they can feel as if they are the same class altogether as the only way to tell the difference is by looking at the weapon. I’d rather prefer the classes had their own unique styles and outfits like other RPGs have done. In addition, the classes are quite basic and there isn’t really anything too original among the class choices, I guess the bounty hunter is the most original out of all of them.


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The questing in this game is quite different to most RPGs, which I like. In this game you have to find the quests yourself by going to the different locations and talking to the NPCs with the ‘!’ above their head. The only problem with the questing system is that the fighting quests don’t make you feel immersed in the game as in order to fight a certain enemy, you have to click on the NPC and click duel. This approach doesn’t appeal to me and constantly fighting the same NPC can get really repetitive and boring.

Art Style

The art style in this game is supposed to represent a comic book as the images are very simple with loads of block colours being used to add a heroic vibe to the game. I like the designs of each of the locations as there isn’t anything that looks too similar to one another which encourages players to explore more.


Overall, I would give this RPG…

Tell me in the comments what you think about Epicduel

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