Letlive | Band Recommendation

Letlive are a band from California that formed in 2002. For some reason, they are still a very underrated band and I believe that they deserve more recognition for their work.

I discovered Letlive when I saw them live at the Misadventures Tour along with Creeper and headliners Pierce The Veil. They showed me a band that was very current with their songs and had a very caring, passionate attitude towards their fans and the music they produced. Jason tamed the crowd to obey his commands and even got the balcony , that are usually neglected, to join in.

Most of their songs are relevant to politics and social issues that are fairly relevant in the news right now. For example, ‘Good Mourning America’ is about the #BlackLivesMatter themed news articles. I think it is great to see a band trying to have a voice for these issues and allows other people to hear their point of view which can influence better decisions.

Link to Original Video

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