Pierce The Veil Misadventures Tour

On the 26th November, I got an amazing opportunity to go and see rock band ‘Pierce the Veil’ for their Misadventures tour in Birmingham. This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, so I thought I would show you guys some live songs they performed.

Note: these videos aren’t all mine as my phone was playing up during the show. Also, some of the recordings are at different locations as I couldn’t find one for Birmingham.

Support Acts



Link to Original Image

One of the first acts to waltz onto the stage was a new upcoming band known as Creeper. The Southampton group warmed the crowd up with some cheerful pop punk tunes and even managed to form the first mosh pit of the night.

Link to Original Video



Link to Original Image.

Letlive were a band that I had never really looked into until after I had seen them live on that Saturday night. Jason surprised everyone by crazily dashing onto the stage like he had been let loose from a dog kennel. This performance encouraged me to give them a try, and they are now one of my favourite bands as the lyrics are very meaningful and relatable.

Link to Original Video

Main Act

After all the exciting performances from Creeper and Letlive, it was time for the main act to appear, and they did very creatively. By emerging through a space ship with an inspired design from their album ‘Misadventures’, Pierce the Veil lit up the room with ‘Dive In’.

Link to Original Video

Honestly, this concert was simply amazing.

Tell me about what concerts you have been to in the comments below.


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