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Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward is the third game in the Style Boutique series. Although, I do like the previous two, I prefer this game as there is a lot more things to do that are related to the fashion industry.

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In this game you are able to take part in a number of different careers. These include:

Boutique Manager

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The first career you will come across is the boutique manager, like in previous games, the boutique manager runs their own fashion boutique and is in charge of selling and styling outfits fit to the customer’s requirements. You are able to dress up mannequins and purchase different clothes from the Exhibition hall to help you create your desired looks.

Hair Stylist

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Working along side with Noor, the hair stylist career is pretty straight forward, they style the client’s hair to suit the scenario and themes that are perused. As you progress, you can unlock a huge variety of different hair styles ranging from short to long and also you are able to have a rainbow of hair dyes to choose from.


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If make up is your thing then this is a job you will love. Clients will usually come in asking you to make them look like a certain character and it is your job to get all the different colours right. Throughout the year, you are able to find special items which can allow you to create make up sets which are of a specific theme.E.g. Christmas and Halloween

Photo model

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Receiving advertisement requests at the photo studio is really fun as you get to dress up and take pictures which are then displayed on posters and billboards around the town.Requests appear every week and the themes are always varied.

Fashion model

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When you get to a certain point, Ricky ( the owner of the fashion show arena) will ask you to perform fashion shows for people in the town where you can dress up and show off your favourite outfits for everyone to see.

Fashion Designer

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Brand reps from the Exhibition Hall will offer you items that need to be designed in exchange for money ( the more expensive the brand, the more money you receive). You can design loads of cool things like wedding dresses, school uniforms and clothes for performing dancers. It is really cool seeing your designs worn by NPCs as they purchase them from your shop.


All of these jobs are linked so you are able to experience them all which makes choosing which ones to do a lot easier.

If you like the idea of this game, you can purchase it online or at your local game store if it’s there.


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