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Working!! is a comedy, slice of life anime which is based in a restaurant. The anime is a very cutesy and light-hearted show so I thought I would give it a watch.

Here are my thoughts.

Story Line

Life at Wagnaria continues as it ever has, with its oddball staff causing more mayhem than ever. While Poplar continues to be plagued by her height complex, Satou takes every opportunity to tease and trick the gullible young waitress. And with Inami continuing to run for cover whenever men frequent the restaurant, Kyouku munching her way through parfait all day long, and Yamada’s clumsiness massacring the crockery, it’s a miracle that the customers are served at all…

Despite all the comedy, Working!! has a romantic side to it as you follow the life in Waganaria. I liked how the story gave birth to loads of different ships and sometimes the odd war between Souta X Poplar and Souta X Inami. Moreover, this show also gives the message that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that it is okay to be weird.Sometimes the scenes were a bit over the top but it just added an extra bit of humour to the show.


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The animation is very fun and cute which adds flavour to the story. I personally enjoy the little chibi scenes when something humourous happens as it just makes me want to laugh and smile.


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There aren’t a lot of characters but they are very distinctive and their personalities are very memorable. I like how all the stereotypes come with a little twist to their personality, for example: Hiroomi Souma is very polite and quiet, yet he is very manipulative and manages to threaten his co workers very easily. However, non of these characters are bad – except maybe Inami’s father- and it is very easy to get attached to them.


Overall, I would give this anime…

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