Halloween MadLibs

It’s nearly that time of the year where skeletons become spooky and children dress up in weird and wonderful costumes to go out and venture for sweets and chocolate.

Halloween is nearly upon us and I’m probably not going to be the only one writing a Halloween themed post.

From the title, you may have already guessed that I have decided to play Halloween Madlibs. This is a game where I tell you to think of words which are of a certain term and as a result, the words turn into a story.

I found a bunch of Halloween stories online and I have decided to use this one.

On month 31st year I went to a Halloween party with my best guy friend, name. After we went Trick’er verb ending in ‘ing’, we arrived at the party at number o’clock PM sharp. I dressed up as the noun from the horror movie film. I wore the whole colour outfit, adjective mask, cartoon character gloves, everything ! While same name went as a noun! When we entered the party there were about number people there. Half of them were verb ending in ‘ing’ on the main floor with adjective music and drinking liquid. Upstairs had all the adjective stuff. There were plural noun popping out in front of you, hanging plural noun that made a sound plus ‘ing’ sound when you walked by, all kinds of adjective props verb ending in ‘ing’ around and very loud music in the background. same name started fooling around with a life-sized noun sitting on a chair, until suddenly, a giant talking noun popped out of the curtain and scared us both to place ! We went into the next room where they had all kinds of adjective food like pumpkin plural dessert that were actually colour, a flavour cake in the shape of a noun, these cookies that looked like chopped off plural body part, eyeball plural food that lit up, you name it ! Then we decided to head down to the dance floor and shake our plural body part. We saw people dressed up as plural beings (vampire etc), plural animal, adjective clowns, noun and even our old friend different name who came as celebrity! We just danced all night to different celebrity sipping on fruit cider and verb ending in ‘ing’. The night ended with a adjective contest where they rated our costumes from 1-10 ( 10 being the verb ending in ‘est’. Whoever got the highest score would win number bucks and a brand new noun ! Some guy in a colour jumpsuit with a colour wig holding a noun won. I think he was supposed to be the someone well-known e.g president. Anyway, we had a adjective time and arrived home at exactly number AM just in time to watch movie, the scariest movie ever !

Copy and paste the text into the comments and fill in the parts with the red text. I can’t wait to see what this story has been turned into.

Make them as funny as you can!

Thank you for reading


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I hope you have a wonderful day



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