Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto | Anime Review

I’ve been seeing hilarious screenshots going round the internet of this anime and so I decided to give it a shot. If I can recall, the spring 2016 season wasn’t one of the best, yet I saw that this and a few other shows stood out very well from the crowd.

Here is my review.

Story Line

Just who is Sakamoto? He’s enigmatic. He’s clever. He’s dashing. No challenge is too great and no cause is too small for Sakamoto. Girls love him, guys hate him for it, and despite efforts to humiliate him, Sakamoto is flawlessly able to emerge from the fray, even cooler than ever. Who knows what Sakamoto is going to do next? Whatever it is, it will be fabulous!

Each episode is split into two different short stories. In addition, as this show is quite light-hearted, it makes a great change from the deep,mind twirling anime that I am used to watching.It is also great to watch if you’re doing something else like homework at the same time. If you enjoy witty,random humorous scenes then this anime is worth putting on your want to watch list.


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The animation for this show is very smooth and clean and allows the show to be very appealing and easy to watch since there are no rough edges and everything is safe and friendly. The way Sakamoto is shown as the ‘superior being’ through the animation makes scenes more funny and unpredictable as you never know how he’s going to do in order to overcome his obstacles.


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The characters are like sheep, they follow the stereotypical highschool crowd, such as: the nerd, the bully and even the PE teacher that wants to get everyone into trouble. However, the side characters are easily forgettable once the anime has finished. This allows people to focus on Sakamoto rather than the rest of the highschool students.


I would give this anime….

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