Charlotte | Anime Review

From the makers of Angel Beats! Charlotte was released in 2015 as a 12 episode series based around people with special abilities. Key Studios are a personal favourite of mine as they have made tons of heart warming, emotional shows with very impacting stories. This is no exception. However, I did feel as if the story was a bit rushed and by the end, there were still questions that needed answering.

Here are my thoughts on Charlotte.

Story Line

Very few adolescent boys and girls have an onset of special abilities. Yuu Otosaka is one such man who uses his ability unbeknownst to others in order to lead a satisfying school life. Then one day, a girl named Nao Tomori suddenly appears before him. Their encounter reveals the destiny for wielders of special abilities.

Like almost all of the shows made by Key, the story starts off as very innocent and very happy. As the series progresses, the story slowly gets darker until the point where you just want to start crying. I really enjoyed. Each episode involves a new person that has to be found and eventually drifts away from the pattern and goes into a story which involves time travelling and finding your long lost sibling.


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P.A. Works are a studio in which you have to take a gamble at which anime is going to be good and which isn’t. In addition, the animation doesn’t stand out as the images aren’t really anything special. Some of the scenes are a bit dark though, but I think they could have been performed better in order to get the viewer’s full attention.


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Each of the character’s personalities added happiness and a sense of good will to the story. Each of the backstories was interesting to listen to and helped me understand the problem with the scientists. But there was a lack of this, I felt like more stories could have been shared which would allow the viewers to become more attached to the characters as it felt like most of them didn’t have a purpose, except for just being the protagonist’s friends.


I would give this anime…

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