Food Wars : The Second Plate | Anime Review

Continuing on with the first season, Food Wars has had viewers hyped up about what was going to happen in this 13 episode anime filled with fantastic food and intensive competitiveness as the show kicked off with the Autumn Elections.

Here is my review

Story Line

After the qualifying test with curry dishes, eight contestants have entered the quarterfinal of Autumn Elections: Souma, Megumi, Takumi, Hisako, Alice, Kurokiba, Hayama, and Mimasaka. Their next challenge: bento.

 The second season dives in straight away with the start of the Autumn Elections, no dilly-dallying as the first competition comes under way. What I like about this is that there isn’t any time that has been wasted into making content that appears to be unnecessary for the continuation of this amazing anime. Although on the other hand, the Autumn Elections go on throughout most of the season which prevents the story from carrying on at a reasonable pace. I did enjoy the last few episodes where everyone went to different restaurants to improve their skills, yet I did think the ending could’ve been done better but this probably wasn’t able to happen as the number of episodes in this season had decreased compared to the amount in the first season.


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I spoke a lot about the animation in the review for the first season, but I will also share my thoughts here.

In my opinion,  I would say the animation is mediocre, there isn’t really anything too special. However, I love the animation of the food as it is presented in a way which makes even the viewer get hungry and want to make the dish for themselves. Furthermore, the animation tends to improve a lot during the fanservice scenes which is supposed to compare the taste of the food to sex. On the bright side, there isn’t too much fanservice but you can usually expect it when someone is eating Souma’s dishes.


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It was nice to see some of the character’s backstories, even if they weren’t directly said as it made the viewer feel more attached to them and allowed everyone to pick a side, so it didn’t feel like Souma was the one that everyone had to like. One example of this is Jun’s assistant, Hayama. I’m trying my best to not give anything away but personally, I found his story to be the most touching.


I would give this anime…

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3 thoughts on “Food Wars : The Second Plate | Anime Review

  1. Thanks for writing about Food Wars. I like it too – at times the over the top characters and plot is too much, but the depictions of delicious are insane! If you like food anime have you seen Koufuku Graffiti or Wakako Zake?

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