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As you may have seen from my previous reviews that I have very mixed opinions about Aeria, especially with their older games, as most of the content tends to be rushed and is not to the standard that most RPG gamers pursue.

Here are my thoughts on Twin Saga.

Character Customization

Like most of the other aspects of other games produced by Aeria, the customization is quite varied, but still limited on the amount of possible character creations that are able to be made. Also, all the races appear to be human, but this has a reason behind this during the story line.

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As you can see, the palettes are very simplistic with arrows and colour blocks which allow you to choose the desired look of your character. Unlike other games by Aeria, Twin Saga allows you to choose what kind of voice your character can have. There are six distinctive voice options which can give your character a bit of a personality.


Aeria love the idea of having customizable classes due to the fact that their other games such as Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia also has this feature and it didn’t turn out well for them.

Although I have bashed these games in the past for this feature, I believe that Twin Saga has actually made this feature quite fun to play with. This game allows the player to start with the four beginner classes in which they can level up after they have completed quests or have gained enough class experience. Furthermore, whenever the player reaches a certain point in the story, a new class can be obtained. This is a lot easier than before where you were either bombarded with a million different weapons and had to equip them each time you changed class or other games where the whole system wasn’t understandable and not many people knew what they were doing.

Here is a list of the classes you can play as.


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Dungeon Loot

Occultists are versed in many a cabalistic secret unbeknownst to the modern age, and they bring with them a bounty of spells that will have enemies begging for mercy.


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Dungeon Loot

Berserkers are capable of dealing massive damage with a single blow of their mighty hammers. Armed with unmatched brawn, these fierce warriors leave their enemies quaking with fear.


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Level: Beginner Class

Forged from the draconic powers of flame, light, and wind, Dragonknights channel the fearsome strength of their namesakes in battle to quickly overpower even the most indomitable opponents.


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Level: 20

The Paladin was born to lead, as well as protect those who cannot fend for themselves. Armed with a righteous sword and divine shield, they stand proudly before their enemies, who will soon enough be brought to justice.


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Level: 15

Clerics are earthly representatives of the divine who have mastered the arts of healing and defense. Enveloped in ethereal radiance, they bring the proverbial hammer down on demons who threaten the peace of the world.


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Level: Beginner Class

Mages command the elements, summoning thunder, lightning, and raging gales with a simple snap of their fingers. Anyone who dares cross them had best bring an umbrella…


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Level: 37

Rogues excel in the art of assassination. Whether via poison or a silencing slash of their blade, these masters of stealth punish all who lose their focus in battle.


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Level: Beginner Class

Gunslingers serve no one but themselves, wandering the world with naught but their twin guns at their sides. Combining blinding agility with unerring aim, they’re always one step ahead of their enemies.


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Level: Beginner Class

Swordmasters wield razor-sharp great swords with deadly alacrity. These seasoned warriors befuddle enemies with their headstrong tactics before going in for the kill


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Level: 30

Blessed by nature, Hunters are graced with exceptional stealth, matched only by their razor-sharp vision. Drawing power from their fallen foes, they can silence enemies with a single arrow

Story Line

Once you enter the game, it opens up with a trailer explaining a brief introduction as to what is happening. The story is also very easy to follow as there are cut scenes during the boss fights and when there are significant events which are happening.

Here is a video of the trailer.

Link to Original Video.


Questing in this game is similar to Aura Kingdom because there are loads of fighting and collecting quests yet there is always that one task which is completely different from the rest. Furthermore, this game also gives you time to go back and complete any side quests whereas other games just tend to carry on with the main storyline which makes you forget about any secret hidden quests that could reward you with a really rare item. Other than that, I don’t think the quests are that spectacular and I have found myself getting bored quickly.

Overall I would give this game:

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