What ‘Dere’ Are You?

By the time you are reading this, I will be in the Mediterranean, soaking up the sun. Until then, let’s continue with this post.


If you love to watch anime, then I’m guessing that you are most likely to be aware of the certain ‘dere’ traits that the characters can pursue. Using these stereotypical personalities makes it easier for the audience to relate and understand a little bit more about the characters and how they see the world.

I found a personality quiz which is going to tell me what ‘dere’ type I am most like. Feel free to join along as I have put the link at the bottom of the page.

Before I take this quiz, here is a quick summary of all the typical ‘dere’ types.

Link to original image

There are 15 questions altogether

For this quiz I have to select the answer that I feel as if I can relate to the most. I will post pictures of some of the options I have selected.


In the end, I ended up with this result:

Thank you for reading


Tell me in the comments what your ‘dere’ personality is

Click here to take the quiz for yourself.


Click here to go to my homepage


I hope you have a wonderful day.



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