Touch | Game Recommendation

If you enjoy being apart of the Kpop community and love playing games like Osu! and DDR then I suggest you check this game out.

Touch is an online dance game which specialises in Kpop songs. Within the game you are able to play with your friends ( or on your own if you prefer) and compete in dance competitions which can help boost your level which can allow you to receive a really massive reputation.

Not being apart of the kpop community myself, I still found myself enjoying the game as I really love the smooth and competitive gameplay aspect. Not only that but, in the international version there are also songs in English which you can dance too if you are not a big fan of the songs being in a different language.

How to Play

The game is very simple as it involves you following the arrow keys and pressing them at the right moments until the song finishes. The aim of the game is to get the highest score and gain experience and credits in order to level up and buy cool items from the shop.

Here is a short video which gives you a quick introduction to the game.

Link to original video


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