5 Online Games I Used to Play as a Kid

I feel like going back in time and showing you guys the nostalgia of my online childhood games. I sometimes revisit these games just to have that memory be brought back to life for a little while.

So here are 5 games I used to play as a child.


Link to video

(I apologize for the bad quality)

Toontown was made by Disney and was one of the first ever RPG types ( if you want to count it as one) that introduced me to the genre. It was very colourful and friendly and there was a clear plot line with smaller quests that you had to complete which usually involved defeating robots and helping villagers with their needs. I loved the game because everyone was always very nice and I felt really comfortable when talking to other random users. Unfortunately, this game has been shut down but there is a rewritten version which you can download for free.


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Although there is a pay to win atmosphere linked with this game, this did not stop me playing it when I was little (to be honest, I didn’t even know what pay to win was). This game consists of players who attend a magical wizard school and complete quests in order to earn gold and more spells. There are 7 classes -Fire,Storm,Ice,Balance,Life,Myth and Death- in which you can be. ( I was a balance wizard which specialized in sand and desert type spells.) Again, I do sometimes revisit this game as it always made me happy.

Papa’s Pizzeria Games

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If you haven’t heard of this series, the Papa’s Pizzeria games are games which involve serving customers at a fast food restaurant and each game allows you to serve different kinds of food etc. These games are extremely addictive, especially if you enjoy the time management genre.


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Now, I must admit I did sign up to this website and play for a couple of months.I love the whole movie making aspect and I must say it is a very girly game stereotype which involves fashion and just living the Hollywood life. You can make friends and create rooms. In my opinion, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other games I played, but it was fun while it lasted.

Build a Bearville

Link to video

Now just to warn you, this game has recently shut down.

Build a Bearville has got to be one of my favourite online games of all time as there was always such a wonderful, happy atmosphere and it was addictive as all hell. If you have heard of the store brand Build A Bear Workshop, you are likely to have heard of the online website. I loved this website because whenever you created a bear, you would get a code, which meant you were able to bring it to life on this game and play with it along with other users. I think this was a great way to earn profit for the company as Bearville was one of the main reasons people bought bears.

Comment down below what games you played as a kid.


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