Aura Kingdom’s New Class – Shinobi | Review

Aura Kingdom has finally released a new and very original class that I have been playing for about a week or so. As a result, I have decided to do a review on the shinobi class.


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To be honest, I have never actually seen a class which uses a weapon similar to this in any MMORPG that I have played. The shinboi wields two circles with 5 blades on each one, resembling the shape of a star, also known as a shuriken. I think that if you love playing as an assassin/melee type class then you are going to enjoy playing as a shinobi as most of the traits are very much the same.



However, this class isn’t just an assassin copycat but with different weapons. Unlike the assassin which mostly focuses on having quick movements, this class also focuses on the magical side of fighting. Most of the skills for this class are some sort of spell which can be used to attack the enemy. You do not get any healing spells but most of the skills have relatively short cooling down times and there is even a skill which allows you to teleport behind the target and attack them without them noticing.


I really enjoy playing as this class as it is something very different, however I do wish it had more combos with other classes as currently there are only combos for shinobi/holy sword and shinobi/scythe. However, I am really excited to seeing this class being played by more players within the near future.

My star rating for this class is.

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