Love Live! School Idol Project 2 | Anime Review

I remember watching the first season to this anime a couple of years ago and I loved the story line and the really fun atmosphere. Recently, I decided to watch the second season as , to be honest, I didn’t realize there was one.

Here is my review

Story Line

‘With Otonokizaka Academy saved by Honoka Kōsaka and members of µ’s from being shut down, students are now back to their normal campus lives — for a brief period. Members of µ’s are now brought back to the stage and compete with other idol groups for regional tournaments.’

 The series was dragged into the main story line from the first episode, which meant that the story was quick to grasp, which made it a nice continuation from the first season. Siding off from the main storyline, in the anime, there were some smaller storylines that followed out through each episode but they still somehow connected with the main concept which I like as it meant they contributed to the running theme and didn’t annoy watchers. In my opinion, I thought some of the ending was quite predictiable but there was one aspect that caught me off guard.



There isn’t anything too spectacular about the animation, but I do love the ‘3D’ feel the show has when all the contestants are performing as it is something new I haven’t seen before. It’s also another aspect which got me into this show.



Mostly, the anime focused on the nine girls apart of u’s and most of the characters weren’t too complicated as there are a lot too remember. I noticed that each character had a specific label put on to them, for example: Honoka being the loud, obnoxious one and Rin bearing the tomboyish personality.


I would give this anime


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