Eden Eternal | RPG Review

Judging by the content, I am assuming that Eden Eternal is a fairly old game and was probably one of the first to be released by Aeria as the standards vary compared to the rest.

Character Customization


At the start of the game you are able to select from four races:

In my opinion, I think the races ( other than the human and the halfkin) aren’t that appealing and also don’t have as much freedom of customizing your character like the two I’ve just mentioned have. This means that the majority of the players only choose the first and the last race and because of this, there isn’t much diversity in the game from the terms of a race perspective.


Unlike most RPGS where you pick your class at the start and stick with it throughout, in this game you have the ability to switch between classes. I think this is a great idea for adding a bit of uniqueness to the franchise and also makes the game seem less boring. In addition to this, when you get to a certain level, you unlock new classes which allow you to experiment with different weapons to see which class is most suited to you.

The only problem with this is that you are unable to change between battles and also when you unlock most of the classes, it can take up quite a lot of space in your inventory as you are having to pull around loads of different weapons and are constantly having to re-equip every so often. I recommend putting the weapon you need in a key binding slot so it takes up less time when you are changing from class to class.

Story line

A trailer starts playing once you have entered the game. This explains your role and what you are hoping to achieve. Not only that but, it also set the story in a clear way. I have only watched the trailer for the ‘blue side’ but I am assuming the trailer is the same for the red side, however, I think the only difference is the colour of the crystal that your character is born into.

Other than the video at the start, the storyline throughout the game is unclear and isn’t that interesting – causing me to become clueless and bored.


Questing in this game is very linear as most of the quests include either killing,collecting or killing and collecting. This makes for a very dull and repetitive gaming experience. I think the only good thing about the questing is the dungeons due to the fact that the dungeons seem to be the only type of quest I find challenging. When I find a quest challenging, it makes me determined to keep playing and to not give up. On the other hand, this isn’t the case for the other kinds of quests.


Due to Eden Eternal being a fairly old game, the graphics aren’t that appealing and similar textures are used in most of the areas which also contributes to the repetitive and boring factor. Similar to Aura Kingdom ( a more recent game Aeria has made) the style is very anime driven with cutesy characters and chibis filling up most of the screen which is something I like about this game.


I would give this game


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