Is MCR Getting Back Together?

Three years ago on 22nd March 2013, rock band My Chemical Romance closed their curtains for the final time. Fans went crazy as they had developed a loyal following that felt like MCR still had more ideas.

That was until last night when the former members uploaded this video of the first few notes of ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ whilst displaying a white flag with a black cross in the middle with the letters delicately printed on each of the corners ; ‘M, C, R and X’. Once the last note is played, the screen fades and the date ‘9/23/16’ appears.


Could this be an indication of a band that is going to make a comeback? I mean, Fall Out Boy have done the same so what is to stop this band from wanting to achieve more?

However, other people may suggest that this could be the announcement of a reunion tour to commemorate the album that got them put on the big screen, ‘The Black Parade’, and gave them this amazing chance to change the world for themselves and for other people aswell.

I guess we will have to wait until September in order for our questions to be answered.


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