Black Rock Shooter | Review

With a main character that is based on the iconic vocaloid ; Hatsune Miku, I thought I would have a look into this anime and see how everything turned out.

Story line

For the first few episodes, the story is quite confusing and gets intriguing as you try to fix the puzzle pieces together. This makes the show feel quite mysterious as you don’t know what is going to happen next. On the other hand, other people may find this to be quite boring and are likely to drop the show at an early stage.



In my opinion, I thought the animation wasn’t too spectacular during the ‘ordinary’ scenes but the animation turned into something completely different during the fighting scenes. In addition, the animation in the fighting scenes reminded me of RWBY as they usually flowed without always cutting to different viewpoints.



Most of the characters were a bit average and there weren’t many interesting personalities. However, the character development left me questioning who the good guys were which is another factor that made me interested in the plot. One of my favourite characters was the second main , Yomi, as I constantly felt sympathy for her since she was always being left behind.

Overall Rating

Overall, I give this anime…



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