Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress | Review

Produced by the same people who made Attack on Titan and Owari no Seraph, Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress has been a massive hit with viewers from around the world and is one of the most watched shows out of the spring season. 


‘During the industrial revolution, mankind is threatened by the sudden emergence of undead monsters who can only be killed by piercing their heart through an iron plate. Those bitten become one of them. Called the “Kabane,” these monsters exploded in number. The Hinomoto people built fortress stations and barricaded themselves inside. Only steam locomotives, the Hayajiros, can travel between them.’

Like all anime produced by this company, the storyline is very similar as one of the main goals is to survive, however I believe this story had a little twist to it and was able to get me hooked. Although the plot was very intense and thrilling throughout most of the show, I found the last episode to be quite bland. I wasn’t sure whether this was for effect or if it wasn’t intended to make me feel that way.



I feel as if the animation was one of this anime’s strongest points as it was just stunning to look at and it made me feel like I was involved within the fighting and all of the action. Not only that but, the fighting animations all flowed really well and it didn’t look too cheesy.



The show generally focused around two main characters, even though there were a lot of supporting roles that were involved when making this. I would’ve enjoyed to see any development with some of the other characters( especially with Ayame) In the end, I did end up getting attached to most of the characters, but I did want to see a bit more from some.

Overall Rating

Overall, I will give this anime


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