Songs That Make Me Emotional

There are so many amazing songs which bring tears to my eyes and I thought I would share some of them with you.

Terrible Things – Mayday Parade


This song always gives me the chills as it is very relatable to the anime Clannad. Clannad is one of the very few animes I actually got teary about and when I saw this song used in an AMV, it got me reaching for some tissues.

Stay Away From My Friends – Pierce The Veil


Although, the meaning behind the lyrics isn’t necessarily a dark story. My alternate meaning takes a different turn. Instead of seeing the song about a relationship, I see it being about the life of a victim who has mental illnesses and not wanting their friends to get as bad as they have.

The Scientist – Coldplay


I have loved this song ever since I was little and I didn’t really focus on the lyrics or the meaning until very recently. When my mind put the pieces of the jigsaw together; that’s when I started emotional over this fantastic record.

Saviour – Black Veil Brides


When I am really annoyed or frustrated I always put this song on. Sometimes when you are really angry, all you want to do is let it all out by breaking down and crying. This song lets me do that, however, it also gives me a feeling of hope and that someday I will get over what I’m feeling and I will eventually get stronger.


Thank you for reading


Tell me some songs that get you reaching for the tissue box in the comments.


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I hope you have a wonderful day



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