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Swordsman is a free to play martial arts MMORPG. The story is set in China where you (the main character)have to defeat enemies and help out your allies.

The story in this game is very easy to follow and can make you feel really immersed within the game. This is one of the top reasons for why I love playing this game.


Each of the classes are very unique and most of them aren’t usually what you find in your stereotypical MMO. You choose your class later within the game as it follows along with the storyline.

Shaolin   Male Only


  • Shaolin is famous for its Exo. They have excellent defensive skills. They often stand in front of their companions in battle.
  • Some say kung fu came from the Shaolin Temple. Since the legend is that they started kung fu, they are considered the master of melee offense and defense.
  • Wielding a staff that can transform into three pieces, they can deal considerable area damage.
  • Control is their weak point but they do have a stun and a pull.
  • Along with their enhancement techniques, they have many moves which can be performed while in the air, allowing them to chase targets.
  • Shaolin School is both unpredictable and unstoppable



  • Most E’mei disciples are Taoist nuns, but they also accept male disciples. They pay attention to both Exo and Endo cultivation, so they are good at both offense and defense. They are also proficient at assisting their companions.
  • They have the perfect support role, reducing the defenses of the enemy.
  • Difficult to master in 1v1 PVP, rather cautious play-style.
  • Use of range attack skills with high AoE damage

Five Venoms ( I chose this class)   Female Only


  • Five Venoms Cult, originated in the South, is a branch of the Sun and Moon Cult. Its members are all beautiful females.They use a Soft Whip as their weapon and respect the Snake,Centipede,Scorpion,Spider and Toad as their deities.They are good with poisons and always have a poisonous pet with them,so people call them Five Venoms and stay away from them.
  • They use the venoms on their whips to deliver deadly damage over time. They also use the whip for crowd control and area attacks. They can even enlist the add of a few insects to daze and poison their enemy.
  • Beautiful and deadly the perfect combination



  • Taichi generates both Yin and Yang.The school utilizes softness to overcome hardness,and overcomes the enemy by yielding to their own strength.Wu-tang have been a pillar of the martial arts world ever since Chang the Taichi Master founded the school long ago.If you join Wu-tang you will learn some primary skills.When you grasp them, you can visit the Grandmaster and become a Wu-Tang Disciple officially.
  • The Wu-tang focus on both Endo and Exo cultivation. Their skills help companions increase their Attack and Defense. They can cast ranged skills with their swords and are good at controlling.
  • Wu-tang school masters Taoism. They combine inner force with physical strength to overcome their opponents.
  • Their ability to buff and heal themselves and their group members along with a wide range of AOE skills make them formidable fighters in group combat.

Sun and Moon


  • The Overlord of the cult is East the Invincible, whose weapons are the Sun and Moon Daggers. The daggers are transformable and can be used to inflict both melee and ranged attack. Because Sun and Moon Cult is good with controlling skills,their disciples excel in 1v1 and multiple-user fights.
  • These deadly assassins have a high degree of mobility, and are able to inflict heavy damage.
  • Focusing on single target attacks, they can engage an opponent using both close and range attacks.
  • They are masters of double-edged weapons and can surprise or hold the enemy by using a lot of throws.
  • Their multiple abilities to steal the life force out of their enemies, to lock, and to reposition make them deadly in combat.
  • Perfecting a rapid assault capability makes the Sun and Moon Cult the true potential of an assassin.

House Tong


  • House Tong use only ranged skills.Their disciples use a Trigger to hit their enemies with precise and sharp fire.They are also known for their Projectiles and Traps.However,their defenses are weak.
  • House Tong’s firearm features fast attack speed and many of House Tong’s skills can deal damage to multiple targets.
  • They use handguns for a very fast remote attack and even if the enemy gets too close, they will use their throwing hidden weapons ability to strike the enemy away.
  • They can use traps to control and stun enemies. Their firebolt can knock back enemies, helping House Tong to escape



  • If the Shaolin are masters of the fist,the Splendor are masters of the long sword. The school utilizes both Chi and the sword to fall our enemies and enjoy a sterling reputation throughout the martial arts world. The Splendor master is Yue Buqun.
  • Splendor Sword is swift. They can deal damage in a very short time, often killing the enemy before they can react.
  • They are known for their elegance, agility and their ability to land quick and powerful attacks.
  • Using a one-handed sword, they strike consecutive attacks slowing down the enemy.



  • The Zephyr School is an off-shoot of the Taoists and was created by the martial arts genius, Lord Zephyr. They only have a few disciples but every one is outstanding. They use Fold-fans to inflict ranged attacks while using palm to inflict melee attacks. Since their Chi can freeze water and air,most of their ranged skills can inflict a frozen state on the enemy.
  • Zephyr comes from Taoism like the Wu-tang School.
  • They use metal fans and chi to attack their foes from range with powerful ice and fire high area damage attacks. When the foe gets too close they use powerful palm strikes to attack in melee range.
  • They are able to create their own ice shield, reducing movement speed of the enemy around them.
  • Zephyr have a powerful and special one use strong control at range to freeze and are masters at evasion.



  • Infinity, one of the Five Great Schools, believes in the teachings of the Buddha. Their disciples are basically nuns, but they also accept men. They focus on Endo cultivation and can protect themselves very well while inflicting great damage to their enemy.
  • They have the ability to dash toward an enemy while controlling their inner force which makes them able to receive attacks without getting injured, after that they can release that stacked power against the enemy in the form of an explosion



  • Of the Five Great Schools,Harmony School has the best melody and rhythm.They hide their swords in their musical instruments.With two different swords,they can inflict both melee attacks and ranged attacks.
  • Masters of illusion
  • Perfect for close control combat, increasing their speed at maximum making themselves difficult to see, blurring and striking the enemy from any possible direction.
  • They are an assassin-exclusive sect.


If you like martial arts with a range of classes then I suggest you check out Swordsman

Click here to download it through Arc.



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