My Top 5 Free To Play MMORPGS

MMORPGS have become a big thing in my life recently. I just don’t know how to get off of them. I love all the diverse classes and races that you are able to be and to be honest, killing very imaginative animals is really fun.

Here are my top 5 free to play MMORPGS.

(just to let you know, this is all based on my personal opinion)




Elsword was one of the first games that I played and I have been following the storyline since the character, Ara, came out and I have loved every bit of it. The art style is very anime inspired and I love the friendly feel to it which is great for welcoming new players to the MMO world.


Aura Kingdom


I am currently in the middle of playing Aura Kingdom at the moment and my oh my, this game is really addictive. There are always quests to do, even when you reach the more experienced levels, and everyone in this game is friendly and are willing to help each other. Aura has one of the friendliest atmospheres I’ve seen.




I got into this game because my friend started playing it and we just kept playing it continuously until we reached around level 50. I love the game’s story/lore and there are some classes which aren’t usually in your stereotypical MMORPG. I suggest you check this out if you love a bit of a challenge.


Perfect World Entertainment (PWE)


This game is open world and is perfect for newbies that are starting out. In addition, there are around 12 playable classes ( two of which are gender locked) and each class has their own history and start the main story within their home town.





Out of all the games I’ve played this has a place in my heart as the game is challenging, full of dungeons and combat and is also based on action combat rather than Tab+click. Another reason why I love this game is because players can make their own quests in which others can play and earn money. So if you think you don’t have enough experience, player made quests are a quick way of getting it.


Thank you for reading.


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