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Aura Kingdom is an MMORPG that has an anime – influenced artstyle and is one of Aeria’s top makes.


Aura Kingdom is home to _ classes, each packed with their own amazing abilities. Not only that but, once you reach level 40 you are able to choose a second class to rank up.



This class is your stereotypical blademaster/swordsman. As you have already guessed, this class wields a sword that can be used greatly for close combat and quick,swift movements. I always recommend this class if you are starting out with MMORPGS for the first time.

Duelist (this is my second class)


This class uses two very short daggers and quick, silent steps to ensure their enemies are left helpless. If you are a person that enjoys quick, close combat without being with loads of people then I suggest you check this class out.



Ravagers are masters of the axe. With it they can attack brutally which increases their critical rate. If you are a bit tired with using a sword, why not swap it for an axe instead.?



Mages are one of the most creative classes within MMORPGS as their are so many different kinds of spells a wizard can use to attack their opponent. In addition, wizards are also able to attack multiple targets at once, inflicting the same amount of damage on to each one.



Staffs can be heavy to carry around and spells can be difficult to remember. Sorcerers don’t have this problem since they only carry around their 1000 page spell book and are able to read them quickly, being able to cause damage to their opponents. However, the spells they conjure up are dark and have been used in ancient times in order to curse evil doers. No one can deny a sorcerer of their words.



Sweet music made from harps is enough to be able to heal and cure. Allies are able to be healed in times of need and vulnerability which makes bards great for parties and doing group quests.

Grenadier (this is the class I picked)


Hearing loud explosions can only mean one thing : grenadiers. This class is expertly skilled in engineering and can put together a turret in only a matter of seconds. While firing their rocket sized missiles, grenadiers are able to summon crystals to influence their battle performance (e.g. heal,improve damage and improve defense). I highly recommend this class if you are into loud noises and like to quickly deal damage on your opponents without having to move around as much.



If your body can’t handle a massive cannon on its back, why not try out the gunslinger class. While being able to move around more swiftly, gunslingers are able to shoot in two different directions at once. The two together could make up for one awesome duo team.



Wolverine is known for is epic brawler attacking skills and you could be too. Brawlers are able to attack really fast and don’t need to drag their weapons round like suitcases. This makes the brawler’s build very light and easy to dodge.



If you don’t enjoy playing a part at the front of the line, why not pick a ranger class that is able to deal fatal damage without being too close to the enemy. In addition, rangers are able to shoot two enemies with a single arrow which makes it great for that final kill.



A ninja class that is all about swiftness and critically damaging your opponents with single hits is perfect for those perfectionists that want to get the quests done in a matter of minutes while still being able to look amazing. Personally, I adore the style of the tachi weapons that have been put into the game.



Scythes are able to summon minions to help them achieve their goal of reaping the bad. With a ray of different minions, there is always one that can do that job just fine. I recommend this class if you prefer to play alone rather than with friends.

Holy Sword


Those who hold the Holy Sword have strong convictions and a brave heart. This means they are able to show their power through fighting with the spectacular melee weapon. Moreover, those with a Holy Sword are able to transform their faith into divine energy which makes them able to punish all evil hindering their beliefs.


What is different about this game compared to others which are similar is that this game has a companion feature known as ‘Eidolons’.

Each starting character is able to pick their first Eidolon during the creation process. During the game, the player is able to fight with other Eidolons which can be more powerful than the original starting one. Each Eidolon has a different story and come with unique powers.



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