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Amongst the years, YouTube has been constantly gaining popularity as more and more people are clicking on to the website to watch their idols create new,original content. Gaming is one of the genres that has risen to fame since Pewdiepie started his channel in 2010. Not only has he ended up claiming the title as YouTube’s most subscribed, he has also opened a new opportunity for ways other people can create content.

Here are a few of my favourites.



I got into this youtuber around about two years ago when I was searching for videos of a certain game as I was bored. I ended up stumbling across his channel and at first, I thought he was a bit quiet and his content was bland. However, I decided to stick to watching his content. I ended up wanting to watch more videos as his channel grew and he became more confident with what he was producing. Along with that, he still stayed to his humble self (which is the same to this day). He records a variety of different game genres with the main goal being to make the viewers smile and laugh.




If you are into MMORPGS, then I think you will absolutely adore this youtuber. His main videos consist of playing MMORPGS and also reviewing them aswell. If you are stuck on what games to play then thelazypeon is able to give you an honest idea of what games are good and which games are bad.




This Canadian youtuber brings tears of laughter to his eyes. If you don’t watch him already, I suggest you check out his gameplay of The Sims 4 as it is probably one of the funniest Let’s Plays I have seen. He records a wide variety of different games, so if you don’t enjoy one game, you can always go on to a different game.




If you are aware of Jacksepticeye, then you are most likely to be aware of Markiplier. I love the craziness he brings to his videos which are just easy enough to make the viewers laugh. Also, he is very down to earth and donates to charities such as the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.


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