In Our Bones -Against The Current | Album Review


Against The Current released their debut album – In Our Bones- a couple of weeks ago. They are relatively new to the rock scene, however from listening to tracks from this album, I am able to say that they are more pop than punk in my opinion.

Anyway let’s get on with it!

Here are my first impressions.

Album Artwork


When I first looked at the cover, I was amazed by the vibrant, neon colours that were used to make the image stand out from the background. In addition, the image that the colours are behind is a ribcage. This could give the meaning that everyone is bright on the inside, even if their outside is dark and influenced by negative aspects-which is shown via the completely black background.


Running With The Wild Things


Starting with the hit track, ‘Running with the Wild Things. In Our Bones is off to a great start. This is the song that got me interested in these guys. I adore Chrissy’s powerful, original vocals in this track. The track is ridiculously catchy which gets me wondering what else this album has in store.

Forget Me Now


This song is going away from the alternative genre and is heading towards more of a pop rock sound, however I still love the catchiness this song has. I think this is a great song for summer and is also excellent to party to.

Chasing Ghosts


This track has some influences of Sia in it, especially during the chorus. The slow pace of the song makes it easy to listen to. I definitely recommend checking this one out.

One More Weekend


An upbeat song about a break up, I like the rhythm of the guitars in the background and the way it syncs well with the voice. This is great for people who are just transferring from the pop scene to the alternative scene.

In Our Bones


A song that shares its name with the title. From first impressions, the record sounds similar to old school Taylor Swift ( especially when she released the album Fearless in 2008). A cute acoustic guitar song for those who prefer calming sounds.

Young and Relentless


So many nostalgic feelings with this song. I’ve spotted that the start shares similarities with the theme to the Disney show Hannah Montana. But then the song suddenly changes into a catchy pop tune. I’ve got mixed feelings about this track.



More Disney Channel vibes are brought from the previous song into this song. A bouncy tune also follows with the theme. It is also a great song to jump to.



Every album needs to have that one really slow,meaningful track and I believe this is the one. The one thing I pay more attention to with these songs is the lyrics. So far, they have impressed me as the words are very motivational which is able to inspire people to achieve their dreams. I highly recommend listening to this song.



A new sound is introduced into this song and it sounds epic! Amazing song to party to, I can’t wait to hear this live.

Blood Like Gasoline


Usually when the album is nearly finished, the songs tend to drop down in quality sometimes. On the other hand, this song is the opposite. It still follows a catchy tune, but the lyrics really stand out more within the record.



The spectacular vocals return within this song. The lyrics are very relatable and again, the song is relatively easy to listen to.



This is the last song on the album and it is probably my second favourite (with my favourite being ‘Running With The Wild Things’. The addictive sound mixed with fantastic lyrics make me want to join in. I highly recommend you check this song out.

Well, there you have it, my first impressions of Against The Current’s debut album, In Our Bones.

Overall I would give this album 3/5 stars personally because the sound is quite different from what I expected and some of the songs differ in quality compared to the main hit singles. However, this could be due to lack of experience, so I am looking forward to seeing what these people put out next. I am also really looking forward to seeing them live as I’ve heard they are even better.


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