Town of Salem | Game Recommendation

Town of Salem is an online game created in 2014.

It is a free to play game and is very original and addictive.

If you like detective games, then I suggest you go and check this out.


How to Play

The aim of the game is to find out who the serial killer is and the members of the mafia are and get them killed.

There can be up to 15 players in each round.

Each player is given a role in which they have to follow the tasks that the role requires them to do.

The different roles allow you to perform different abilities.

For example: a Sheriff is able to go and interrogate someone at night while a Medium can talk to the dead.

Every night the serial killer and mafia can kill one person in the room, so think carefully about what you are saying in the chat. You don’t want to give away your role too easily, otherwise you could be their next victim.



I highly recommend this game as it is highly addictive and is great to play with friends.

Click here if you are willing to play

Good luck!

-Shower Of Sunshine

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