Misadventures – Pierce The Veil | Album Recommendation

I have been waiting for such a long time for an album by this amazing band to come out and now it is finally here.

Album Art


I love the way the front cover is presented. The use of red pen on a white background makes the image stand out. If you take a closer look, each of the items on the pen knife relates to something different in Vic’s mind.

If you turn the case over, the back of the album continues with the same theme and colour scheme of red and white. I like the way the paper is layered, this makes the cover look like a string puppet play, which could also relate to some songs of off the album.

Dive In

The song Dive In is a great opener to the album. From the lyrics, I believe the song is about drugs and drug abuse. I love the heavier sound compared to the singles that were released prior to the album’s release.


Texas is Forever

The second single that was released back in March when the album was announced. Texas is Forever is a fun song to dance and jump to. The tune is somewhat similar to The Divine Zero which had me thinking if the rest of the songs were going to have a similar sound to them. Luckily, I was wrong.

(insert video link)


The Divine Zero

The catchy tune is perfect for new fans to get into, however, the sound isn’t too tame for the older fans.

‘It means that sometimes you feel like you’re not worth anything, a zero, but you actually have so much to offer the world inside of you that people can’t see yet’ Vic , Alternative Press


Floral & Fading

From first impressions, this song is definitely one of my favourites. I love the beat of the drums and the lyrics are very meaningful. I could see myself singing to this in my spare time.


Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed

Great beat and great sound. I’m guessing this song represents some sort of anger that Vic has gone through. It seems like a fun song to play live.



This was the song that got me really excited for the album release. Link back to my previous post about this, my thoughts still haven’t changed. The song is very catchy and the story behind it is touching.


Today I Saw The Whole World

Dark lyrics hide behind this cheerful song. The melody is very upbeat and with the addition of screaming, makes the song a great one to sing to.


Gold Medal Ribbon

This is my second favourite song from Misadventures. Gold Medal Ribbon references to the frontman’s (Vic) first girlfriend from highschool who passed away due to ‘struggles with addictions’. I can easily imagine hearing this live, the guitar at the start makes the song easily recognisable and the lyrics are also easy to sing along to.



Bedless is one of those songs that I believe is going to grow on me within the near future. I appreciate the tale that is being spoken through the power of these lyrics. One thing I like doing with songs is imagining scenarios in my head about what could be happening and this song has a mixture of possibilities.



The start of the song reminds me of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, however, that suddenly changes when the scream kicks in and a heavier vibe is put into place. It is then followed by a fantastic chorus and then a bit more screaming. Vic really shows off his vocal ability, this could indicate that a lot of emotions went through his brain when he was writing this.


Song for Isabelle

The history behind this song is one of the many reasons I love it.

‘She told me that she couldn’t handle the way people treated each other in the world, and she didn’t want to be in the world anymore’ – Vic, Kerrang Issue 1618

I highly recommend this song if you are a fan of Bulls in the Bronx as it follows a similar story, even though this song is tamer.


Overall, I highly recommend you check out this amazing album.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


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