My Favourite Youtubers

Watching videos on YouTube has become one of my favourite past times, I even watch it more than I watch TV.

Over the years millions of youtubers have risen to fame on this new platform. Here are some of my favourites.


Jacksepticeye is a gaming youtuber who rose to fame only a couple of years ago. Unlike some other youtubers, he is very well grounded and likes to interact a lot with his fans.

His loud personality makes it easy to get addicted to his Let’s Plays. Some of my favourite Let’s Plays created by Jack is the Undertale series and also the Life is Strange series, as each game has a very intriguing story line which makes it fun to watch.




My Digital Escape

My Digital Escape is a collab channel made up of 7 members (one for each day of the week). Each day a member uploads a video of them doing random stuff. This includes: challenges, daily vlogs and even videos of them playing board games. Also, there is sometimes a theme of the week in which the members have to upload a video which goes with the specific topic etc.



Dan and Phil

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil are just a few youtubers that actually got me into watching YouTube videos. Their nerdy, quirky personalities makes watching their videos very relatable and can also make you cry with laughter. They both have their own channels but they often do collabs and they even have a gaming channel in which they do collab gaming videos together.



Evan Edinger

If you like to listen to a lot of badly made puns, then Evan Edinger is the guy for you. He always attempts to make puns in each and every one of his videos. He also has a travel channel in which he uploads vlogs where he takes you to loads of spectacular places around the world.



Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery has been on YouTube since 2012 and has made loads of really funny vlogs and sketches where she talks about stuff that is on her mind. Her vlogs are usually very relatable and she gives out good advice. In addition, she also has a gaming channel where she uploads Let’s Plays of popular games that are out.



Comment down below who your favourite youtuber/s is/are and tell me why.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

– Shower of Sunshine

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