My Favourite Bands

In this post I am going to be talking to you about my favourite bands. Most of the bands I will be talking about will be from 2000 onward.

Let’s get started

All Time Low


I have been a fan of All Time Low since the album ‘Dirty Work’ came out. I love their pop punk sound and they are just really nice guys in general.

My favourite song by them would have to either be Therapy or Remembering Sunday as I love the concept and I love being able to picture a story within my mind. These songs are some of the easiest to do that with.

Remembering Sunday





Fall Out Boy


Fall Out Boy is one of the bands that got me into the alternative/pop punk genre. All of their songs are really catchy and they also have a good beat to them. Even if you might not know what Patrick is saying, I suggest you should check them out.

My favourite song by Fall Out Boy is I Don’t Care as it is a great song to sing to if you are on your own.Also, it is completely different from their other songs.

I Don’t Care


Sleeping With Sirens


Kellin Quinn has one of the highest voices in music that I have ever heard off. I think this is why I got into them as they are very different from other bands that I enjoy listening to. In addition, their lyrics are really meaningful and passionate. You can easily tell how the writer was feeling when they wrote the song.

My favourite song is ‘Free Now’ since it talks about family and it always seems to put a smile on my face. Even though it is one of the more pop-influenced songs, it still has the same amount of passion that their other songs have.

Free Now


Pierce The Veil


Almost every song that is written by Pierce the Veil have some sort of story/meaning behind it. I love trying to analyse the lyrics to see what was going on in Vic’s mind.

It is really hard to pick a favourite song by them as they are all amazing. But if I had to choose, my favourite would be ‘Hold on ’til May’ as it is a very emotional song that a lot of people can relate to.

Hold On ‘Til May


I have a lot more favourite bands. Comment if you would like to see some more music recommendations and also tell me what your favourite bands are.

– Shower of Sunshine

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